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Finally, using Ventura’s expectation calculation of 1% for the more common 6- and 8-deck games for a betting spread of 1 to 15 and 1 to 22 respectively, you begin to get an idea of the risks confronting traditional card counters in today’s game. Factor in the clumping in these games for the traditional player on a day trip or weekend trip, add to that the extreme difficulty of achieving the betting spreads noted and you begin to see where this evolution of blackjack systems and methods is ending up.

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Let's say we are down four units. Bet one and win, bet two and win, and we are down one unit. We want to end the progression up one unit, so we will bet two units instead of three. You could bet three, but that is not online casino true Oscar's Grind. We then go back to the $2 - $4 - $8 unit until we need Oscar to step back in.

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These books can be considered as the blackjack classics. With two exceptions, they were all published before 1982. This year is significant and can be considered as the “timeline” in the evolution of blackjack systems and methods. There is no coincidence to the 1982 timeline as that was the year that everything changed in the world of blackjack. 1982 was the year Kenny Uston won his suit against Resorts which prevented the Atlantic City casinos from barring card counters, the year that 8-deck games were introduced, the year the elaborate shuffles and washes began to clump up the multi-deck blackjack games and make ca © Copyright 2014. All rights reserved.

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