Summarized Table Of True Count Index

This article provides a list of summarized tables of the true count index for the game of Hi/Lo. Provided are examples that utilize all information for players to study.

Assuming that the player is dealt with 7 and 4, and then the dealer display an ace, and the true count of the player is +4: First, the dealer will ask the player if they would like to take insurance, since their true count is above the line of the insurance index number, then taking the insurance is surely a profitable move in the end.

In the event that the dealer does not have a ten in the hole, players would have to play from their hand. The strategy, having a hard 11, as opposed to the dealer's ace upcard, is, basically, to stand.

Nevertheless, with the index for this play of +2, this means that the player ought to double down if their true count is somewhat higher than +2.

If players find the matter of learning the 16 indices too discouraging, it is suggested that they should try learning this simpler version, that groups the strategy changes by true count.

This is a more simplified table, by plainly combining some plays below, with the same numbers of true count. The mistakes in using this are very minimal, and players will still be generating more cash from most of their efforts.

True Count +1 or more Double on 9 vs. 2 Double on 11 vs. ace Stand on 12 vs. 4 Stand on 16 against a 10

True Count +3 or more You can take insurance Double on 9 vs. 7 Stand on 12 vs. 2 Stand on 12 vs. 3

True Count +5 or more Double on 10 vs. Ace Double on 10 vs. 10 Stand on 15 vs. 10 Stand on 16 vs. 9 Split 10's vs. 6 Split 10's vs. 5

True Count -1 or less Hit 13 vs. 2 Hit 12 vs. 6

True Count -2 or less Players can sit out hands, bet as small as they can, or leave the table

The general rule is this: strategy changes are more important in a single-deck game as compared to a multiple deck-game. It is, in fact, possible to have an advantage in a single deck game by merely flat-betting, and then varying the player's basic strategy, based upon the card count.

Players should learn to vary their playing strategy along with their betting size, in accordance with their card-counting skill. The time will come that the player will generate more winnings than losses. © Copyright 2014. All rights reserved.

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