Spanish 21 Blackjack has Fewer Cards and More Rewards

Spanish 21 blackjack is one of the most well liked and played variations of blackjack.  It continues to steadily rise in popularity, as it is considered by many players to be one of most lucrative blackjack variants.

Players also really enjoy the notable differences between online Spanish 21 and traditional black jack.  Although these differences are not particularly big, they do affect how the game is played, which is highly significant to the outcome a player will experience.  Therefore, it's important that you understand what these difference are to make sure you know exactly how the game functions to ensure you do not make avoidable mistakes.

Blackjack Spanish 21 uses a 48 card deck, not the standard 52 as in a classic game of Twenty One.  The reason the deck has fewer cards is because the 10 cards have been removed from the game.  That said, the face cards - Jacks, Queens, and Kings - still carry a point value of 10 as in a normal game of blackjack.

The removal of the four 10 cards is what makes online casino Spanish 21 more of a challenge.  Without these additional four cards, you have a lower chance of obtaining blackjack or reaching 21 by doubling down on an 11.  However, despite this disadvantage, Spanish 21 does benefit the player in other ways.

While you may have a decreased chance of reaching 21, you have other advantages. For instance, should both you and the dealer achieve blackjack or 21 your hand will always beat the dealers. Also, no matter the value of your cards, you are allowed to double down on any initial two card hand.  These are only some of the many great bonuses of playing online Spanish 21.

However, it is a good idea to always check the online casino Spanish 21 rules where you intend to play the game.  This is important because some rules of the game, such as being allowed to hit and double down after splitting card values (including aces), isn't always allowed and depends on the venue.

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