The Myths in Card Counting

Card Counting certainly turns the odds into the advantage of the player but there are common fallacies about card counting that may lead to the players losing.

If your goal in blackjack is to win and believes in the importance of card counting, then you better not put your trust in these myths.

The More complicated the method the better

An intricate system of card counting does not assure success than a more basic one since there is no connection between the complexity of a system and its success rate.

It is the logic from where the system of card counting is rooted that must be given importance.

There are theories that have too many complexities that requires weeks to be understood that are not too effective than a simple technique which can be learned in about fifteen minutes.

Don't trust these sales pitches; the truth sometimes is not similar to the publicity.

Card counting is predictive

Card counting does not permit players to create forecasts with accuracy what card will be derived next from the deck. This is just an assumption of probability.

Card counting in blackjack attempts to create rough calculations of the odds of different cards being dealt from the deck.

There are a big number of variations, so while the odds switch to your advantage, this does not mean that you are going to win because there is a minimal edge that you are playing with.

Card counting is quick and easy way to make profits

Card counters in blackjack can play with an optimistic advantage and the odds will improve in the long run but this is not an indication that profits will be easily and regularly earned.

A lot of things can happen in a short period of time and players will need extended hours of play before seeing the effects of a positive outlook.

Always remember that there is a minimal advantage of about 1.5% which will yield violently decreasing outcomes in a short period and blackjack players must be ready with a sufficient bankroll.

Card Counting is not effective in all casinos.

The reason behind such is that different casinos follow various policies, so a careful choice is needed in order that you can select a game that will benefit the players as much as possible.

Long term benefits card counters.

When you have the intention to earn income through card counting bear in mind all these things while preparing yourself to play extended periods, with a sufficient bankroll and a card counting system that you are at ease with.

Bear all of these in mind and you are on the verge of reaping incomes from the game of blackjack. © Copyright 2014. All rights reserved.

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