Basic Strategy Player Vs. Card Counter Player

One Blackjack condition that gives privilege to a skilled player of this card game that knows card counting does not necessarily mean that it can also be applied to a blackjack game by an average strategic player.

An average blackjack player that has knowledge in almost everything about the basic strategy of blackjack plays according to his mathematical way with every hand dealt, this will simply reduce the casino advantage.

The truth is even if the basic strategy is a must-learn skill for everyone who wants to be good at playing blackjack, the casino still has a small advantage over the player.

This means that the basic player's strategy stands to lose at 0.5% of every bet made by the player at the blackjack table. This is 50c in an expected lose for every bet of $100. It seems like a hidden tax that is paid to the casino every time the player bets with a total of $100. This may sound like not a lot of cash, but many blackjack players bet a lot of money in their lifetime and the actual loss of a blackjack player can amount to huge money lost.

My point is this, because the entire basic strategy of a player faces a negative prospect, this is how the mathematician can put in words that the casino has bigger advantage over them. The higher the amount that a player of basic strategy bets in their lifetime at blackjack, the higher the amount they stand to lose. Of course, in most playing sessions the players with basic strategy can get cards that can make them win in the game. But at the end when the player compares all his winnings with his losses he can say that he lost a lot.

The best thing to do is to slow down the game. Choose the table with more players rather than that with only few players. The player's exposure will be reduced by 0.5% to the advantage of the casino.

The card counter of blackjack, unlike the player of basic strategy, has bent the tables of blackjack on the casino with a positive prospect of the game. Most of the time the card counter has the advantage against the casino. In the circumstances given, a card counter player stands to gain 0.5 to 1.0% every time they bet. This will result to more wins than the dealer in each hour. This is the main reason that card counter players prefer to play alone or with just a few number of players on a table.

This is the big difference between an average basic strategy player and a card counter player. Both have skills on blackjack but they can't apply every skill to every game. © Copyright 2014. All rights reserved.

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