Take It Leave It Method

A blackjack player we know talked about his experiences with the game. He started playing blackjack when he was 16 years old. He also tried playing online blackjack; he even learned how to count cards. He lost a great deal of money at blackjack, but he did enjoy the game of blackjack; this simple reason, enjoyment, made him play blackjack even more.

He is a regular blackjack player. He had tried different variations of the game, but the variation he liked most is "The Take It Leave it Method".

"The Take It Leave It Method" will not let the player beat the house, but for some, this is a most enjoyable style of blackjack. With this method, if you win, you WIN; if not, then you will NOT win the game. It only works two ways: either you win all the way or lose all the way.

What our subject did using this method was play a basic blackjack strategy. If he is losing he will bet low, like $5. If he wins, he will keep the $5, and then bet another $5. If he wins again, his bet will increase to $10. If he wins again, he will again pocket $10, and if on the next hand he wins again he will then bet $20. This is the way he will keep on betting. If he loses again, his bet will go back to $5 again, and so on.

He doesn't always lose at the blackjack table. One time he didn't actually notice that he was betting $100 to $200 per hand. Over his years of playing blackjack, he once experienced playing game with $5 - he went home with $750 after playing only 45 minutes. And again, after a few months, he tried his luck in Las Vegas. He left the table with $1200.

He wins faster with this method, but everybody, including him, can lose quickly with this method, too. But for him the game is more exciting using this method.

Here is a "blueprint" that can help you get started with this particular blackjack strategy.

You can start your bet at $10. If you win, take the $10 given to you. Bet $10 again; if you win again, then next, bet a total of $20. If you win, take the $20. Bet $20 again, if you win again, bet a total of $40 this time. Take the $40; if you win, bet $40 again. With this cycle you can earn something from your money and you don't have to bet all your money. This method, called "Take It Leave It" will help improve your chances. If you lose a game you go back to betting low again, like $10. You bet big when you're winning, not when you're losing.

It requires a bit of discipline, but stick to the method, and you could have a fun, lucrative, blackjack experience. © Copyright 2014. All rights reserved.

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