Irish To Increase Online Betting Tax

Betting on online casino games and offshore casino companies to be affected by higher tax rate.

The Irish government has announced that it has almost finalized plans to increase taxation on online casino bets in Ireland.

In addition, the government plans to impose a 15% hike in taxation on Irish bets placed by offshore casino companies.

According to a statement issued by coalition government partner, Fine Gael, plans for the implementation of these changes are in the final stages.

Irish Finance Minister, Michael Noonan, said in his budget speech, “Until now, betting taxes and duties have been only applied to bets that are placed at betting shops and also online or telephonic bets placed by players of Ireland, along with offshore gambling companies

This now looks set to change, with the increase in the online betting tax expected to raise €20 million in additional revenues in a single year. © Copyright 2014. All rights reserved.

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